1. Sarah’s Thrifty Fashion #1- Asheville, NC

    Hat: Gift

    Jacket: $30 at Forever 21

    Dress: Gift

    Leggings: $4 Internet

    Doc Martin’s: $7 at Charlotte Flea Market

    Total: $41

    I always look forward to my trips to Asheville because I feel like I can dress as quirky as I please and still fit in. I am so excited about my new leather jacket, I’m wearing it about every day. My new wool hat is also an exciting addition to my wardrobe, I’ve never worn anything like it.

    This marks the first Sarah’s Thrift Shop Fashion to be featured on Tumblr! If you want to see the 24 others, please check out my original blog at http://saraht-artwork.blogspot.com/ .  Also, bear with me as I get adjusted to this site and try to figure out what I’m actually doing. I have big plans. ;) Thanks for reading <3

    Photos taken by the talented Guy Behind the Lens


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